HTC to Launch Standalone Vive Headset in China Tied to Viveport Content Store

HTC today announced a new variant of its Vive standalone VR headset which is aimed specifically at the Chinese VR market and will tap the company’s Viveport content platform as the official More »

Sony Announces 4 Asia-Developed PSVR Titles Are Coming West

Sony today announced four new titles for PlayStation VR at the annual ChinaJoy Expo in Shanghai—all of which have been confirmed to make it over to Western audiences. The games come as a result of More »

Magic Leap Researchers Reveal “Deep SLAM” Tracking Algorithm

Magic Leap, the mysterious AR startup with a multiple-billion dollar valuation, still doesn’t have a headset to show the world, but in a recent paper published by Magic Leap researchers entitled Toward More »

Taiwanese Company to Launch VR Porn in August, While China Banned Completely

With VR Porn Banned by Law In China, Taiwan Firm To Release First Chinese 360 Adult Film As pornography is banned in China, a Taiwanese firm wants to get some skin in More »

Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus Daydream VR Update Begins Rolling Out

Announced back in May, an update bringing Google Daydream support to the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus has begun rolling out, making those phones the only two to support both Daydream VR More »

Facebook Adds 4K 360 Video Streaming Support

Also watch in your Gear VR, plus much more. Facebook announced a slew of new updates to its 360 live platform today, stepping up the features available to both creators and viewers. More »


VR is Radically Transforming Surgery


A successful demo launch by developer Room One proves VR will be integral in the future of medicine. Last week at Ericsson’s Innovation Day in Aachen, Germany, Room One launched a groundbreaking combination of VR and technology previously shown at Mobile World Congress to live-stream a surgery worldwide. The 5G robotic arm and glove combination that first made waves in February 2017

RoVR Is A VR Pet Simulator About You And An Adorable Little Dog


I am the proud owner of a magnificent Pembroke Welsh Corgi. If you follow me on Twitter, you probably knew that already. I never really had pets growing up because I was (and still am) horribly allergic to cats and used to be just as allergic to dogs. Luckily, the latter affliction has passed and

How Felix & Paul Are Pushing VR Storytelling Further With Miyubi


Become a toy robot and enter the future of sitcoms in Felix & Paul Studios Miyubi – the industry’s first ever live action long-form VR comedy, now available on the Oculus Store. In Miyubi, the viewer is a robot who is gifted to a quirky family’s brilliant young son, in 1982. Not only did I

Hands-on: NASA-backed ‘Mars 2030’ – A Beautiful, Educational, & Buggy Trip to the Red Planet


The education-focused Mars 2030 launches today on SteamVR for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, soon to come to PSVR. With 40 square kilometers of explorable terrain, the experience successfully achieves its main objective: to make the user feel like they are on Mars. However, while its stunning canvas has great potential, its execution currently suffers from

Reboant: Rise of the Nuhort Is A Visually Impressive New Vive Shooter


If we were to host the silliest name for a VR game awards, then Reboant: Rise of the Nuhort would almost certainly win thanks to its ridiculous nonsense words. Fortunately, the game itself is looking very promising. This new shooter for the HTC Vive was revealed at this week’s ChinaJoy event, and is being developed

Here’s Every Daydream Ready Smartphone


Google Daydream, the company’s mobile VR platform, is compatible with a number of flagship smartphones from various manufacturers. Growing to a total of 11 Daydream-compatible phones by the end of the year, some of which are still unrevealed, we take a look at the phones you can buy now so you can start daydreaming. You’ll of course need