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BitSummit reveals the reach of indie games

BitSummit, the independent game festival annually held in Kyoto, has grown rapidly in the four years since it went from being an idea in founder James Mielke’s head to a respected event that developers and fans from around the globe look forward to each summer. One of the original goals of BitSummit was to help

Tech world wraps head around 360-degree photography

As virtual reality makes strides in the tech world, the next big thing is tipped to be a visual technology that can capture and show what people see in 360 degrees. “It’s like in the 1920s with Hollywood and film: There was just the brand new beginning of something new,” Thomas Small, Google Inc.’s manager

New PlayStation 4 models change life cycle of gaming consoles

Sony Corp. has released two new versions of its PlayStation 4: the PlayStation 4 Pro and a slimmer, more efficient version of the PlayStation 4. The post New PlayStation 4 models change life cycle of gaming consoles appeared first on The Japan Times. virtual reality – The Japan Times

Tokyo VR attraction puts you in the heart of a Gundam battle

In 2009, anime fans were delighted when a life-size statue of a Gundam robot was unveiled in Tokyo’s Odaiba district. The statue has now become a landmark attraction in the shopping and entertainment area. And this year, there’s finally some action as Gundam fights with another robot, something you get to see from a premium

From the latest in virtual reality to a nostalgic return to 2-D

Virtual Reality gets real Virtual Reality is proving to be the next big thing in gaming, taking players into game environments like never before. Sony has joined the ranks with its brand new VR headset, dubbed PlayStation VR. This is not Sony’s first VR headset, but it is the biggest push the company has made

App maker aims to revive wedding industry with virtual reality nuptials

A couple put on a pair of goggles and a wedding aisle appeared in front of them as flowers rained down. The virtual video experience was thanks to Nagoya-based smartphone games developer Ateam Inc.’s wedding simulation software, which the company hopes will help engaged couples plan their weddings. As shown by the recent trend of