Microsoft wants to make Direct Reality VR’s answer to DirectX

Just ahead of Microsoft’s media event prior to E3 (the Electronic Entertainment Expo trade show) last week the company filed a trademark for Direct Reality. Given the company’s penchant for relabelling virtual More »

Russian Artist Arrested for Refusing to Take off Her VR Headset

Moscow artist Ekaterina Nenasheva claims she was arrested and taken to a psychiatric clinic. The crime? Refusing to take off her VR headset according to reports. Over the past four years, VR has More »

Video: Watch Valve’s New ‘Knuckles’ VR Controller in Action

Knuckles, Valve’s unique VR motion controller, is already in the hands of select developers who are no doubt designing ways to use the controller’s 5-finger tracking. In the video published by Zulubo More »

Steam’s Massive 2017 Summer Sale Kicks Off Today With Discounts To Over 800 VR Games

It’s that time of the year again. Kids are frolicking at parks during the day, free from the restraints of school life, the sun is shining high in the sky, and everybody More »

YouTube Introduces VR180 Format

So you don’t have to look behind you. During a keynote at Vidcon, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki took the stage to announce the rollout of a new video format called VR180. As More »

This Flexible Thermoelectric Skin Has Made Me a Believer in Thermal Haptics

Korea-based TEGway is developing ThermoReal, a thermoelectric array which can generate heat and cold with impressively low latency. The flexible nature of ThermoReal could make it suitable for integration into VR controllers, More »




先日SteamVR起動時のホーム画面・ソーシャルコンテンツとして追加された「SteamVR Home」に、Valveの開発する新型コントローラー「Knuckles」の3Dモデルが追加されました。 指の位置を認識するコントローラー Valveが現在提供しているHTC Vive向けのSteamVRコントローラーは、手で握る棒状の形をしています。手の動き人差し指の動きは反映できるもののOculus Rift用のOculus Touchに比べると、指が1本しかトラッキングできておらず、より繊細な指の動きを再現できません。 そこでValveは現在、新たなVR向けコントローラー「Knuckles」を開発しています。 昨年10月にプロトタイプを公開し、これまで開発が続けられてきたKnucklesですが、19日のSteamVR Homeのアップデートにて同コントローラーの3Dモデルが追加されたことが分かりました。 (関連記事)【体験レポ】ValveがSteam VR向けに新発表したグリップ型コントローラーは“手にはめる”感覚 Last night's SteamVR Home update added models for Valve's "Knuckles" controller prototype. — Steam Database (@SteamDB) 2017年6月20日 Knucklesでは指の位置を認識し、コントローラーを手放しても落とすことなく、現実と同じように掴む、持つ、離すといった動作を行えることが期待されます。 画像にはホームボタンらしきSteamアイコンのボタンが見られますが、コンセプト通りであれば、ボタン入力ではない直感的なデザインが採用されるようにも思えます。 Knucklesは現在も開発中であり、リリース時期等具体的な情報はまだ公表されていません。 (参考)UploadVR / Valve’s Knuckles Controller Prototype Found In SteamVR Home(英語) Mogura VR

Project Alloy: Intel New Virtual Reality Headset – Internetseekho – Intel has announced recently at IDF that the Intel development forum they are talking about a new project called Project Alloy that they created which is essentially a fully contains virtual realit… The Ultimate Virtual Reality Guide

SteamVR Home Gets Virtual Collectibles, an Intriguing Glimpse at the Future of Achievements & Digital Goods


Valve has added the first wave of SteamVR Collectibles to SteamVR Home, unlockable rewards which can be used to decorate your virtual Home space or modify your avatar. This new feature further expands the rich customisation and interactivity found in the SteamVR Home Beta, the recent major advancement to the SteamVR launch interface, and is

The Crazy VR Goggles in HBO’s ‘Silicon Valley’ Are Not a Prop but a Real Prototype


HBO’s show Silicon Valley entertains with tales of the pervasive startup culture of California’s San Francisco Bay Area. While virtual reality has graced the show previously, season four is bringing it closer to the fore, with the show’s main characters becoming intertwined with the eccentric Keenan Feldspar, a fictional Silicon Valley wunderkind developing a pair of virtual

The VR Industry is Booming


The VR Industry is Booming Virtual technology is increasingly becoming a mainstream advancement with its innovative ways of rendering three-dimensional imagery that can be interacted with. A 3D environment looks like those in the real world only it only plays in the mind of the one using it.   This revolutionary technology will affect every

Tremor Video Debuts 360 Degree Video Ad Units


Tremor Video Debuts 360 Degree Video Ad Units Tremor Video, Inc. (NYSE:TRMR), a provider of software for video ad effectiveness, today announced that it is offering 360 degree video ad units. These highly engaging and memorable ad units motivate viewers to watch, participate in and share richer brand experiences that positively impact brand recall, engagement,