Microsoft wants to make Direct Reality VR’s answer to DirectX

Just ahead of Microsoft’s media event prior to E3 (the Electronic Entertainment Expo trade show) last week the company filed a trademark for Direct Reality. Given the company’s penchant for relabelling virtual More »

Russian Artist Arrested for Refusing to Take off Her VR Headset

Moscow artist Ekaterina Nenasheva claims she was arrested and taken to a psychiatric clinic. The crime? Refusing to take off her VR headset according to reports. Over the past four years, VR has More »

Video: Watch Valve’s New ‘Knuckles’ VR Controller in Action

Knuckles, Valve’s unique VR motion controller, is already in the hands of select developers who are no doubt designing ways to use the controller’s 5-finger tracking. In the video published by Zulubo More »

Steam’s Massive 2017 Summer Sale Kicks Off Today With Discounts To Over 800 VR Games

It’s that time of the year again. Kids are frolicking at parks during the day, free from the restraints of school life, the sun is shining high in the sky, and everybody More »

YouTube Introduces VR180 Format

So you don’t have to look behind you. During a keynote at Vidcon, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki took the stage to announce the rollout of a new video format called VR180. As More »

This Flexible Thermoelectric Skin Has Made Me a Believer in Thermal Haptics

Korea-based TEGway is developing ThermoReal, a thermoelectric array which can generate heat and cold with impressively low latency. The flexible nature of ThermoReal could make it suitable for integration into VR controllers, More »


InXile launches its Bard’s Tale VR game, The Mage’s Tale


Those who are waiting for the upcoming The Bard’s Tale IV will have something to tide them over in the meantime: InXile Entertainment just released The Mage’s Tale, a virtual reality role-playing game that takes place between The Bard’s Tale III: Thief of Fate (1988) and The Bard’s Tale IV. The Mage’s Tale is available

Startup Aims for Retinal Resolution VR Display With 70x “effective resolution” of Today’s Headsets


Finland-based Varjo has announced a new display technology for AR and VR which the company is calling “the first human eye-resolution VR/AR/XR immersive display.” Varjo claims an “effective resolution” that’s nearly 70 times greater than the Rift and Vive. We’ve recently seen new VR displays from both Samsung and Kopin with an impressive ~3.25x increase

‘Rose Colored’ is an Impactful Sci-Fi Morality Tale in the Vein of ‘Black Mirror’


My favorite narrative VR piece that I’ve seen so far this year is Rose Colored by Adam Cosco that premiered at VRLA. It’s a science fiction morality tale that is asking us to look at a potential future of immersive technology. I’m cautious to say much more without spoiling his experience, and so I’d highly

You Can Buy A PSVR Headset Right Now For $300


Sales on VR hardware have been  few and far between ever since we entered the consumer-age of modern virtual reality. Most deals on PC-powered devices such as the Rift and Vive have only come as a result of bundled deals with VR-ready computers. Discounted prices for headsets in and of themselves though have been a

YouTube ‘Heatmaps’ For VR Show Where Viewers Are Looking


Color-coded overlays show exactly where viewers are looking when watching 360 content. With a healthy catalogue of 360-degree content, a high-quality app available on most virtual reality headsets and a brand new VR Creator Lab program, YouTube is steadily securing itself as the go-to destination for 360-degree content. However, the most recent feature released by the

Los Angeles Weekend Workshop: Intro to AR Development


The word is out: Augmented Reality is the future. With Apple’s recent release of the ARKit, Google’s growth of Google Tango, and AR content rising in popularity, now is the perfect time to get involved! Companies know they should utilize AR technology, but are not sure how. This is the opportunity for you- the future