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Russian Artist Arrested for Refusing to Take off Her VR Headset


Moscow artist Ekaterina Nenasheva claims she was arrested and taken to a psychiatric clinic. The crime? Refusing to take off her VR headset according to reports. Over the past four years, VR has caused us to re-evaluate many of our social norms and collective ideas—particularly as it relates to how we engage with each other—but Ekaterina Nenasheva might

Bizarre VR Headset Can Change The Taste Of Food

Takuji Narumi is using strong odors and digital VR overlays to prove your brain isn’t as clever as you think. Filmmaker and food enthusiast Simon Klose has seen some strange things in his travels. The Swedish-born director is a regular contributor to Vice’s food website subsidiary, MUNCHIES, and as a result has experienced some of

Vive Still The Most Popular Headset For Developers, VRDC Survey Suggests

Last August the Virtual Reality Developers Conference (VRDC) published its first report on the state of the VR industry based off of a survey for developers. The results suggested that marginally more developers were working on the HTC Vive than the Oculus Rift. A little less than a year on and the second report has

Project Alloy: Intel New Virtual Reality Headset – Internetseekho

internetseekho.com – Intel has announced recently at IDF that the Intel development forum they are talking about a new project called Project Alloy that they created which is essentially a fully contains virtual realit… The Ultimate Virtual Reality Guide

You Can Buy A PSVR Headset Right Now For $300


Sales on VR hardware have been  few and far between ever since we entered the consumer-age of modern virtual reality. Most deals on PC-powered devices such as the Rift and Vive have only come as a result of bundled deals with VR-ready computers. Discounted prices for headsets in and of themselves though have been a

GameFace Plans GF-LD Headset With SteamVR And Android Support


GameFace Labs is a company I’ve seen at countless VR events. Its CEO, Ed Mason, has frequented the VR conference circuit for years now showing off headset designs. E3 was no different as I found him in a room opposite Intel’s wireless Vive accessory — though Mason asked that I come back the next day