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HTC & Intel to Offer High-end Wireless VR Solution in “Early 2018”


At Computex 2017, Intel’s Gregory Bryant demonstrated the company’s wireless VR solution on stage. He claimed this was the first public showing of the HTC Vive using Intel’s WiGig technology, and further confirms that HTC is bringing the product to market in “early 2018.” Intel’s wireless VR solution, which was also shown at E3, uses

Tokyo arcade looks to VR to highlight high-end tech, boost business

A Tokyo arcade operator unveiled a new virtual reality facility on Wednesday, aiming to showcase high-end virtual reality in a casual setting and boost shrinking industry profits. VR Park Tokyo, located in the middle of the bustling Shibuya district, will open to the public on Friday. The space is set up on one floor of

Valve Launches 360 Video Player For High-End PC’s


Steam VR expands its services with native 360-degree video support.   If you’re fortunate enough to own an HTC Vive or Oculus Rift VR headset, odds are you’ve checked out Steam. The infamous digital distribution platform from Valve has been the go-to option for gamers around the world for years and has since evolved into

Consumers Score First High-End, Live VR Camera

It didn’t take long at all for virtual reality technology to steal the show at this year’s NAB. YI Technology, an international The post Consumers Score First High-End, Live VR Camera appeared first on VRJournal. VRJournal

5 Companies Aiming to Cut the Cord on High-end VR Headsets


Today’s most immersive virtual reality systems, like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, rely on a bothersome tether to send power and high fidelity imagery to the headset at low latency. But everyone agrees a dangling cable is not only annoying, it’s an immersion detractor. The demand for a solution to this issue has spurred

Making High-End Untethered VR a Reality


At GDC earlier this month, we test drove the Pico Neo CV, an all-in-one system that lets you experience 6DoF, roomscale VR with a crucial exception to normal high-end systems: no wire. Right now, the VR industry hosts a variety of mobile and console options—but the former is fixed-position (meaning that, no matter where you move your body, your