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VR eSports Finally Arrive With ‘Onward’ FPS Pro League


The popular multiplayer FPS is leading the way in competitive VR with a new pro league. When virtual reality began making its reemergence a couple of years ago with the introduction of pioneering tech such as the Oculus Rift, only one thought was running through my head: Is this is? Are we FINALLY about to

Intel, Oculus & ESL Launch $200,000 VR eSports ‘Challenger League’


Intel have announced a partnership with ESL and Oculus to launch an eSports league dedicated to VR gaming, featuring Oculus Rift titles The Unspoken and Lone Echo‘s multiplayer counterpart Echo Arena.   It’s official, sitting around watching other people play games is a big deal among hardcore gamers these days and while, right now, the vast

Intel Unveils VR Esports League; ‘Echo Arena’ Team Title


Intel, Oculus, and ESL have unveiled a collaboration to launch the VR Challenger League. Announced during an E3 press conference on Monday, the competitive VR gaming series begins in July and features both “The Unspoken” from Insomniac Games and “Echo Arena” from Ready At Dawn Studios. The newly unveiled VR multiplayer game “Echo Arena” is

Intel: ‘We want to bring VR to Esports’ With The Challenger League

At today’s Intel press conference from E3 2017 Ru Weerasuriya, the Co-Founder and CCO of Ready at Dawn came onstage to talk about the company’s upcoming game, Lone Echo. Up until now its multiplayer, the Echo Arena, was believed to be part of the same release in one package but today we learned it is getting

Intel & Major League Baseball Partnership Will Bring Free Weekly Games Streamed in VR


Live VR broadcasts from the world’s biggest sporting leagues are steadily becoming easier to find. A major new three year partnership between Intel and MLB, America’s leading baseball league, will bring weekly live baseball games streamed in VR for free to Gear VR via Intel’s ‘True VR’ tech. Hot off the heels of a deal to stream

How Overwatch, Team Fortress, and League of Legends Inspired Ancient Amuletor For PSVR


Ancient Amuletor is an ambitious upcoming tower-defense shooter that mixes elements of MOBAs and multiple other genres all into one package. It’s coming to PlayStation VR (PSVR) later this year and we had the chance to gain additional insight into the game’s development and inspiration from the game’s Lead Producer and TiGames CEO Zhang Tao.