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Kopin’s Prototype VR Headset is Incredibly Thin & Light, More Than 3x the Pixels of Rift and Vive


Kopin is touting a new prototype VR headset featuring their 4K OLED ‘Lightning’ microdisplay that they say is made specifically for VR. At nearly half the size of other headsets, and made from lightweight materials, the device feels featherlight compared to VR products on the market today.   Kopin is a publicly traded display manufacturer

NVIDIA’s New ‘Max-Q’ Laptops Are “as thin as a MacBook Air” and VR Ready


Starting June 27th, leading OEMs such as Clevo, ASUS, and MSI will begin to offer new high-performance Pascal-powered ‘Max-Q’ gaming laptops using GTX 1060, 1070 and 1080 GPUs. Max-Q is NVIDIA’s new holistic approach to notebook design, with claims of major thermal and efficiency improvements that result in much thinner and quieter gaming notebooks. Less than

Oculus’ Medium experiences lets you create 3D printed, sculpted objects out of thin air


(c)Oculus Imagine a world where you can sculpt something with your bare hands, but without tools or materials – and then print those very objects in 3D so that they become real. It’s quite incredible how just a few years ago, this may seem like pure science fiction, but in just 12 months, virtual reality

2VR Thin Headset Is Coming To Make Things Easier


People often associate Virtual Reality with expensive headsets and gaming PCs, but that is far from the truth. You can start your VR experience just by buying a pair of $ 10 VR glasses and using your smartphone. However, if you find these VR glasses uncomfortable or too big to carry on, things are about

UK startup develops ‘wafer thin’ virtual reality tracking sensors for headsets

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A UK based startup that’s only been around for under a year has developed a tech that tracks facial expressions in virtual reality devices. Emteq, based in Brighton, uses artificial intelligence  (AI) and tiny sensors to read the electrical signals generated by muscle movement. This in turn allows someone’s digital avatar, for example, to respond