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Watch This Amazing Prototype Video Of Minecraft In AR Using Apple’s ARKit


If we’ve learned one thing over the years it’s that if it has a screen or some way of display visuals, then it can and will probably play Minecraft. All modern smartphones, tablets, game systems, computers, and more all have Minecraft. In fact, it’s already spread to VR devices like the Samsung Gear VR, Oculus

VR could get resolutions so high they’ll trick the human eye this year


I am standing in a virtual living room rendered via Unity. Except I am seeing things I never have before in VR. There is a virtual television on the wall to my left displaying a 4K video of a city. The floor, the couch pillows, the clothes hanging on a rack to my left, are

Google to Bring 3D 180 ‘Point-and-Shoot’ Cameras to Vloggers this Winter


To fit alongside the company’ Daydream mobile VR platform, Google is partnering with Lenovo, LG, and YI Technology to create a new class of 180 cameras. Called VR180, the point-and-shoot video cameras create stereoscopic 180 video that can be uploaded or livestreamed to YouTube, and viewed on VR headsets. YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki took the stage at Vidcon

Lone Echo Spin-Off Echo Arena Gets Open Beta This Weekend, Download Now

Oculus had just one announcement at E3 last week and that was that its anticipated Studios title, Lone Echo, would be releasing next month. A multiplayer spin-off titled Echo Arena is also hitting at the same time, but you’ll be able to get a first taste this weekend. Developer Ready At Dawn Studios is hosting

This Flexible Thermoelectric Skin Has Made Me a Believer in Thermal Haptics

Korea-based TEGway is developing ThermoReal, a thermoelectric array which can generate heat and cold with impressively low latency. The flexible nature of ThermoReal could make it suitable for integration into VR controllers, gloves, and more.   I’ve tried a few different thermal haptic devices throughout the course of my VR reporting, but nothing that really

Ambitious RPG SoulKeeper VR Coming To Steam Early Access This August


When I look at the landscape of VR titles most of them fall into one of two camps. There are the shovelware, half-baked, tech demo ripoffs that do little more than sell you a single game mechanic as an excuse to take your money. This is the majority of the over 1,000 pieces of VR