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E3 2017: Wireless VR With DisplayLink and Intel Is What We’ve Been Waiting For


Companies developing VR headsets are racing toward wireless six degrees of freedom. This means you can move in any way and your experience in VR matches what you would expect. Headset freedom seems to be virtually solved either using external sensors like Rift and Vive, or using inside-out tracking pursued by Google, Microsoft, Intel and

HTC & Intel to Offer High-end Wireless VR Solution in “Early 2018”


At Computex 2017, Intel’s Gregory Bryant demonstrated the company’s wireless VR solution on stage. He claimed this was the first public showing of the HTC Vive using Intel’s WiGig technology, and further confirms that HTC is bringing the product to market in “early 2018.” Intel’s wireless VR solution, which was also shown at E3, uses

E3 2017 ‘Day 4’ Roundup: DisplayLink’s Impressive Wireless VR Solution, Bethesda on VR Support, ‘Walking Dead’ in VR, and More


Here’s our roundup of news from ‘day 4’ of E3 2017. New The Walking Dead games were revealed, Bethesda clarifies VR platform exclusivity stance, we go hands-on with Ace Combat 7, and try out DisplayLink’s XR wireless solution for the HTC Vive. Multiple The Walking Dead VR Games in Development: Image courtesy AMC A new

Hands-on: DisplayLink XR Wireless VR Tech is Top Notch, Lighter Than it Looks


At E3 2017, DisplayLink is touting their ‘XR’ wireless solution to eliminate the tether on VR headsets. Our hands-on with their reference device revealed a robust solution with impressive quality and unnoticeable latency. DisplayLink is but one of a handful of companies now working to create the highly sought after solution to make tethered VR

Intel’s Wireless Vive Headset Comes To E3


Wigig technology introduces more options for wireless VR. Initially revealed back in January during the 2017 Consumer Electronics Showcase, aka CES, Intel’s new wireless solution for the HTC Vive has finally emerged from the shadows and was being shown at the 2017 Electronic Entertainment Expo, currently taking place at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Labeled the

DisplayLink to Show ‘XR’ WiGig Wireless VR System at E3 Capable of Dual 4k @120Hz


Another entrant in the rapidly burgeoning wireless VR segment appears as DisplayLink prepares to present their new WiGig 60Ghz wireless VR technology at next week’s E3 convention and, according to a recent hands-on, it’s looking pretty impressive. Given recent opinions shared by the founder of Oculus, that current generation virtual reality headsets would not see