‘TheWaveVR’ Co-founder on His Rave & Interactive Concert Platform


Adam-ArrigoTheWave VR coordinated two days worth of DJs playing musical sets in the world’s first VR Rave at VRLA. It was TheWave’s first event since announcing that they raised a round of $ 2.5 million to build out an interactive, VR music concert platform. I previously had a conversation with TheWave co-founder Aaron Lemke at the Silicon Valley Virtual Reality conference where they were showing off their musical content creation tools, but they’ve since shifted their focus on building out the social experience for watching live performances of electronic DJs.


I had a chance to catch up with TheWave CEO Adam Arrigo at VRLA after the first day of their VR rave at VRLA to get more information about the future direction of their music platform, inspiration from livestreaming of DJ sets, and some of the unique affordances of performing music in VR.

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