VR Commercializer Lab


We are very pleased to announce that our VR Commercializer R&D Lab is up and running!  The lab is not open to the public, however, we encourage you to contact us if you have an innovative idea or wish to collaborate. We also encourage all students at McMaster University, Mohawk College, Ryerson, Niagara College and Brock University who have experience with VR/AR or simply have an ABSOLUTE PASSION FOR VR to contact us for a tour and Mixed Reality experience at the lab.


Here is a sample of the tools in our lab:

Tactile Systems
Dashwood Cinema 360VR Tool Box
HTC Vive
RDBASE.net (SR&ED tracking)
Olfactory VR Scent Systems
Microsoft Hololens
Stereoscopic systems
Mixed Reality Production
Gesture Recognition
3D Scanning
FPV Telepresence Drones
Data Gloves
Mixed Reality Systems
360 cams and post productions

Various other AR and VR HMDS and human interface hardware

Our core group includes professionals with 20+ years experience in their respective fields including: location-based entertainment, Virtual Reality and human interface system integration/solution providers, distribution, market analysis and commercialization, stereoscopic 3D, and many other facets across vertical markets.

We are presently commercializing products for VR eSports peripherals, location-based entertainment systems, Virtual Therapy and an R&D AR/MR platform. We are also running R&D projects on ActiveVR systems and various peripheral ergonomics.

Please contact us if you require any form of consultation regarding Virtual Reality initiatives.

VR Society MS Hololens